Repeat League of Legends tournaments have long been just coins, but now we have added cash prizes and increased the prize pools!

Welcome back to another League of Legends tournaments update! We are so excited to announce who we’ve been working with and the AMAZING news of our cash prize pools.

What have we done with our tournaments

Since our last League of Legends’ digest, we have worked with Vars and ElOjoNinja to promote our League of Legends tournaments. We have also worked with ??? to create a special extra League of Legends tournament, congratulations to ??? for winning the first prize of XXXXX coins!

Be sure to check out Vars’ video on Control Mages, and ElOjoNinja’s gameplay video of an.. Interesting Bel’Veth game. 

We have also added something that League of Legends players have long been requesting, cash tournaments! We will not only be running cash tournaments, but we will also be increasing the number of weekly and monthly tournaments we run for League of Legends, every month.

What are we going to do with our tournaments

We are currently working on tournaments with Rank Restrictions, to make the pool of players in each of our tournaments fairer, we are hoping this will be a step forward toward helping high rank players win our tournaments, without being shoved down by the chaos of lower ranks. Some of our most active users will likely know that this idea was meant to come a while ago, unfortunately we had to put executing this idea on a pause for a while, but we’re back to working on it.

Additionally, we are still working on pushing our scoring changes forward.

Any updates within the game worth talking about

New ping options, jungle companions, chemtech drake’s return, general jungle changes, new items… old items (welcome back Rod of Ages, we missed you!). There’s a lot to explore in the typical chaos of pre-season, if you want to keep up with it or share your thoughts and ideas for this pre-season, be sure to join our discord and discuss all the changes that came with this preseason with the rest of the community. 


Be sure to not miss our special $5,000 prize pool Fall tournament, you can find it at!

Closing Statement/Quote from Game Admin

You can find me on our Discord under the nickname of Vannish. Just leave a message in #general or #lol-general and I’ll give you the best help I can.