How Repeat PUBG Tournaments are running, any scoring updates, anything new within the game and what’s happening in PUBG Esports.

We want our Repeat PUBG Tournament players to know everything that is going on with PUBG, and that includes how our tournaments work and their scoring, updates within the game that may (or may not) impact tournaments, and anything noteworthy going on in the PUBG Esports world.

We’ll provide an update (usually) monthly but if you have any specific questions, ideas or concerns you can always join the Repeat Discord and shoot us a message in the #feedback channel.

What have we done with our tournaments?

As you may have noticed, we started doing daily tournaments for PUBG in the last month. Daily tournaments have been a staple at Repeat and we will run them for any games that make sense. These provide all users who need that quick satisfaction of seeing your account go up in prizes daily and also give flexibility across time zones.

There has also been a new scoring format change within PUBG tournaments to address the concerns over bots in public matches. Users who participate in matches 40% bots or greater will no longer have those matches count.

Furthermore, there will be a modifier to scores to reward users who get kills in matches with fewer bots. So a user who has a match with 70% real players (30% bots) will have their total score multiplied by 0.7, and a user who has a match with 90% real players (10% bots) will have their total score multiplied by 0.9.

In this example, if these users end up with their kills, damage, assists and placement equal to 150 points, the user with 70% real people will have an actual score of 105 (150*0.7), and the user with 90% real players will have a score of 135 (150 * 0.9).

What are we going to do with our tournaments?

PUBG Mobile is a massive global game and we are looking to add it here in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned for more updates as we know more!

Any updates within the game worth talking about

PUBG has announced a mission event collaboration with Dead by Daylight! Follow that link to find out how you can participate.

The latest Patch Notes include an update to vehicles you might find interesting, along with a bunch of other updates and fixes. They also announced a collaboration with Neymar!

What’s going on in PUBG Esports?

Are you as hyped for the PUBG Global Championship 2022 as we are? It is currently running and will finish with the finals in Dubai on November 20 and an incredible $2 million prize pool!

Are there any bugs / issues?

We had many reports of scoring not working for a short while last week and have since resolved the issue and your scores should be coming in. Thank you to all the users who helped identify this issue!

As always, if you have questions, thoughts, concerns about the state of Repeat PUBG tournaments, email us at [email protected] or join our Discord.