The Gonna Need Milk Fall Frenzy schedule is six-weeks long and includes many ways to win cash playing Fortnite.

We are so excited to team up with Gonna Need Milk for the Fall Frenzy event with over $50,000 in prizes being awarded across this six-week long Fortnite event. Keep reading to see how the qualifiers and live broadcasts will work.

Monday through Friday for each of the first four weeks, a qualifier will be available to players of all skill on Repeat in which the top five winners will be invited to participate in the main event on Sunday, where Repeat players will compete in a Free For All on the Zany Ziplines map and then those who advance will be paired with a Fortnite creator and compete together in a Zone Wars event for a $4,800 cash prize. This event will be streamed LIVE on the Repeat Twitch channel

Last Chance Qualifier

There will also be Last Chance Qualifiers available on Saturday between 3pm and 6pm PST, where Repeat will select three more players to compete on Sunday and all you have to do is play Milk’s Zany Ziplines Map (Code: 2190-7114-0140) during this time and post a screenshot into the Discord channel of you finishing in the top 3 in your match. We will choose 3 players at complete random and invite them to the Main Event finals.

The Main Event will consist of a combination of Free-For-All competitions on the Zany Ziplines map and then finish with players competing in Zone Wars in order to take home portion of the $4,800 total prize pool. The broadcast will be live on Repeat’s Twitch and take place on Oct 25, Oct 29, Nov 5 and Nov 12.

Gonna Need Milk Fall Frenzy Schedule

Fall Frenzy Schedule

In the final week of the event, Gonna Need Milk will host a Grand Finals with a total prize pool of $15,000. The Repeat players who get 1st and 2nd in each main event broadcast will be paired with one of eight creators and compete for the grand prize on November 25.

We are also hosting a Golden Ticket contest in which users can win $500 just by playing the Zany Ziplines map. Learn more here.