There is nothing quite like seeing an insane highlight from Rocket League esports: these were the best of the best in 2022.

Rocket League takes all the best parts of football, and adds rocket-powered cars to make it even better. When the best players in the world fight for high stakes, every goal in competitive Rocket League is pure, distilled hype. 

As a result, the Rocket League Championship Series 2021-2022 was stacked with unforgettable moments showcasing top-tier individual plays and coordinated teamwork. From high-speed aerial chases to last-second goals, here are the top Rocket League esports plays of 2022.

NoMansion’s Rampage Through NRG (RLCS Winter Regional)

NoMansion’s play makes it to the list of the top Rocket League esports plays because of its straightforward nature—a novel sight in Rocket League esports. As soon as they were in control of their vehicles, Gentlemen’s NoMansion books the ball to the side wall.

Then, with barely any finesse, he starts charging toward the goal. NRG’s Jstn’s blocks the shot but mistakenly pushes it downwards. Fortunately, NoMansion was in a perfect place to go full throttle for an easy goal. It may not be the most mechanical or well-thought goal of 2022, but sometimes the simplest approach can rattle pro players.

Ahmad’s Redirect Slips Through G2 Esports (RLCS Fall Major)

Before Team Falcons signed their roster, they were known as Sandrock Gaming, a new team consistently grabbing first-place wins like it was going out of style. During the RLCS Fall Major, young prodigy Ahmad showed G2 Esports that they were ready to play with the big leagues.

Sandrock Gaming led two games to none in a best-of-five series. The clock counted down to zero on their last game, and it was looking to bleed into sudden death. But, Trk511 snatched the ball and launched it toward the goal. G2 jumped in the air to block the shot, but Ahmad sliced through the air out of nowhere, redirecting the ball just enough to score one of the best Rocket League esports plays ever.

Joyo’s Last Second Pass Against Faze (RLCS Winter Major)

Team Queso and Faze Clan faced off at the lower bracket semifinals during the RLCS Winter Major. Team Queso took the lead for the series’ first game before jumping into their second match. Faze Clan scored a clean goal early on and attempted to run out the clock with their advantage. But during the last twenty seconds of the game, Team Queso scored a beautiful goal to even out the score.

As the match was about to end, Team Queso kicked it into overdrive to score a game-winning goal. Queso’s Joyo uses his boost to lift the ball into the air and bounce it on the backboard, setting up an easy assist for Rise to bring it home.

Rise Aerial Supremacy Against FURIA (World Champhionship)

Many fans consider the high-octane match between Moist Esports and FURIA as the true grand final match of 2022, and one of the best series in the entire competitive history of the game. At this point, the two competitors had two games and were relentless in their attacks and defenses for game five. 

With 1:50 left on the clock, Moist’s Rise swooped in to block the ball right at their goal line, then took it himself. He brought the ball high in the air and gracefully tapped it multiple times to escort it to Furia’s goal.

Yanxnz Game Winning Goal Against Moist (World Championship)

Another one from the Moist vs Furia match, but this time it’s the goal to end the masterful series. The series is a nail-bitingly close one—both teams won three games each in a best-of-seven series and are tied three-for-three. 

During the last ten seconds of the game, Furia’s Yanxnz slammed the ball on the wall, causing it to redirect towards Moise’s goal. His teammate Caard flies through the air to assist in the game-deciding goal.