Over the past couple weeks we have made several improvements to the website and are working to speed up results; view the latest patch notes here!

Welcome to the Repeat.gg patch notes blog! We have made several updates and fixes to our website over the past week as we continue to make improvements for our new Fortnite users and our existing Dota 2 community.

There are still outstanding items we’re working on, but the following is an update of everything that has gone live on the platform in the previous week. We always appreciate hearing feedback from the community, so feel free to always report bugs to [email protected]. Who knows, there might even be something in it for you if you do!


We added the following as a way to improve the overall experience

  • Rework of results including detailed breakdowns for Fortnite
    • Improved process to update scores faster and be able to handle more users updating manually
  • Release for Fortnite results display to include “divided by matches”
    • Shows how matches are averaged when they come through as batches
  • Added ability to report users for smurfing
    • Users who report people that eventually are banned can receive coupon codes
  • User onboarding flow will take users who just registered to pick their favorite game and to add their game ID
  • Entering a tournament re-fetches results and shows your row

Bug Fixes

The following issues have been resolved

  • Your entry now appears at the top of the tournaments you’ve entered again.
  • Tournament help, rules and prize breakdown appear correctly
  • Fixed/removed non-existent avg kill scores
  • Added withdrawal button back in header
  • Adding Dota 2 game IDs
  • Display of site-wide and non-verified notifications
  • Getting a white screen on the tournaments page
  • Spaces and special characters in Fortnite player names
  • Back end release for Dota 2 update results button to work properly
  • Apple OSX/iOS Safari registration age not displaying properly
  • Report a user not being allowed to use spaces in the description


These elements have been added/tweaked for a better look and feel.

  • Made the landing pages detect pre-live tournaments and have timer of “Tournament Starts In”
  • Onboarding enabled / Updated new registration page
    • Improved registration and login process for a better user experience
  • Reworked header menu

There are some known issues the team is still working to fix. We will be sure to update you in our Discord when these issues are resolved and keep checking back on our blog for future patch notes.

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