MLB The Show 23 tournaments have officially launched out of Beta, meaning you can now connect your game ID and earn prizes while playing MLB The Show 23. 

We are celebrating the launch of MLB The Show 23 with a $5,000 Launch Cup which is currently live and available to join.

This tournament, like our other tournaments, will be automatically scored by playing Diamond Dynasty 1v1 mode only. We will not count any matches played in Diamond Dynasty 2v2 or 3v3. All you have to do is connect your MLB ID, join the tournament, and play the correct game mode, and your scores will be added to the leaderboard automatically.

Your total score is based on your wins, how many runs you scored and gave up, and your overall batting (single, double, triple, etc) and pitching (strikeouts, hits given up, etc) stats in your games online.

The best part is you don’t have to match up with another player within the tournament on Repeat. Just play matchmaking in Diamond Dynasty and you’re automatically placed on a leaderboard featuring your top 10 matches scored, that means you can only improve your score as you play more! 

Aside from this Launch Cup, we will also have Daily and Weekly tournaments you can join, and your games will count in every single tournament you’ve entered, even if they are all at the same time. During our first month, we will have $10,000 in prizes available to win!

Sign up and / or start earning prizes now!