We made several fixes, updates and added new features in the month of December. These are the full Repeat patch notes for these changes.

Repeat.gg made several exciting changes during the month of December and we’re equally as excited to share these updates with you. Below you’ll find a list of everything that went live as fixes or improvements to our platform.

We’re always working to make things better for you to improve the overall experience and that will always be our mindset. We appreciate your patience as we work through issues and hope you can enjoy the fantastic updates made already and those that are coming in the future.

Patch Notes for December


  • Rebranded from XY Gaming to Repeat.gg
    • We were previously known as XY Gaming and re-branded to Repeat.gg as of November 2019. The core function of the product is the same, we’re just making everything bigger, better, and faster!
  • Daily Live Support
    • We have added 24/7 daily live support and are planning to add more to the team here to make sure users always have an outlet to reach out if they need it.
  • Site Translation – multiple languages Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and ______??
    • We added translations for some of our bigger user bases and are planning to add more in the future.

Bug Fixes

  • Optimized daily rewards
  • Fixed issues some users were having adding their Game ID
  • Fixed referral links forwarding to the home page
  • Removed the annoying popup for user rewards (revamp coming soon)
  • Fix email process fails – fixed a bug where users were not able to update their email addresses on the site.
  • Lowered the scoring for healing in League of Legends scoring due to Vladamir over scoring bug.
    • Changed the scoring so users could not take advantage of the Vladamir champion. We are working on a more permanent solution for this.

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