Anything can happen while playing Dota 2, but these are the best Dota 2 clips of the professional circuit so far in 2023.

Anything can happen in Dota 2. The game’s complexity and depth make it endlessly replayable, where no two matches are the same. As time goes on, players’ mechanical skill grows, new strategies and metas are developed and countered, and professional teams change to perfect their roster. Furthermore, patches add, remove, and change everything in the game, creating new metas each time.

The dynamic nature of Dota 2 also means that there are endless amounts of entertaining moments for fans to enjoy. From impossible comebacks, huge outplays, and sloppy teamfights, here are the best Dota 2 clips of 2023 so far:

EG Pakazs Slaps OG

EG was having the game of their life during the Berlin Major, accumulating a massive networth and kill their opponents, OG. EG Pakazs was extremely fed in gold and levels, and he proved it when he erased two of OG’s members from full health with one Boundless Strike. The Boundless Strike hit so hard that it received a unanimous strong reaction from the casters and the crowd.

Miracle’s Illusion Juke

Miracle will forever be remembered as a legend of professional Dota 2, and even has occasional flashes of brilliance like with his rampage at DreamLeague Season 20. However, this small moment where he jukes 9pandas showcases his pure mechanical skill. After Miracle safely teleports away, 9pandas can’t help but tip him for his impressive escape.

Arteezy’s All-In Roshan Steal

When Team Spirit and Shopify Rebellion went head to head in the Lima Major, the game was a close-match despite the latter’s small networth lead. Team Spirit managed to clinch out a clean teamwipe near the Roshan pit, leaving Arteezy’s Shadow Fiend alone. Instead of playing it safe and farming, Arteezy went for an all-in play to steal Roshan, and even making it out alive.

Tundra Vs Liquid: No Survivors

Liquid and Tundra had an drawn out fight in the midlane during the Bali Major. Both teams traded blows and kills, disengaging and reengaging until Tundra’s carry had to stand his ground against Liquid’s last two remaining players. After successfully taking out both, he was promptly killed by Medusa’s illusion, leaving all ten players dead. Everyone’s favorite Dota 2 analyst Noxville says its an incredibly rare occurrence—only the second time to happen in a pro game.

Team Spirit’s Collapse Does It Again

Team Spirit’s Collapse was certainly the MVP during their championship run back in TI10. Famous for his playmaking Magnus, he showed TSM why they shouldn’t feel overconfident just because they scored the first pick off. Additionally, after Collapse catches four people with his RP, he skewers them to his carry to they can win the teamfight together.

Gaimin Gladiators’ Dyrachyo Can’t Be Bothered

Gaimin Gladiator and Team Liquid has consistently been the strongest teams in 2023. But even though they’ve been opponents during two separate grand finals, Gaimin Gladiators’ were always a step ahead. This particular clip shows that GG has such a substantial lead that Dyaracho was able to survive with barely any health in the enemy’s fountain while also scoring a triple kill on the way out.

OG’s Desperate Ancient Defense

At 54 minutes into the game, the last four remaining members of Entity were looking to end the game by going for OG’s throne. But BZM’s Pangolier and Taiga’s Enchantress refused to go without and fight, masterfully defending their base. Even when Watson’s Faceless Void bought back to try and finish the game, Pangolier’s constant stuns and disarms were barely enough to hold him back from finishing the match.

Talon 23savage’s Sacrificial Play

The start of the clip shows how quickly Entity was able to turn around a great initiation from Talon. The teamfight was looking bad for Talon, and 23savage has done what other carries wouldn’t think of doing: sacrificing themselves for a teammate. Just before Jabz’ Razor was about to go down, 23savage saves him with Sunder, letting Razor clean up the rest of the fight.

BetBoom’s Save KotL First Hit Bash

BetBoom’s melee focused draft didn’t have a clear answer to 9Panda’s Enigma. BetBoom’s Save made the genius (or perhaps mad) decision to purchase Skull Basher on Keeper of the Light. With a lot of luck, it worked out perfectly when he was able to stun the Enigma out of Blackhole with the first hit. Later on the game, Save upgrades the item to Abyssal Blade to stun the Enigma from the distance. While it worked out for BetBoom, please don’t buy Skull Basher in your pub games.

Blacklist Raven’s Throne Race

At 66 minutes into the game, IG was knocking on Blacklist’s battered base, looking to finally end with their outstanding 47,000 gold lead. However, Blacklist Raven decided to go for broke and teleported to their throne, alongside his teammate Kuku. The rest of Blacklist did an outstanding job to delay IG’s response, which was enough for them to steal the win.

According to Noxville, it was the biggest comeback in LAN tournaments in terms of networth. It will always be remembered as a reason to never give up and that the game is never over until the Ancient is gone.