These are the latest Repeat patch notes which went live on the website in the month of January, including major updates to the payments and results. made several exciting changes during the month of January and we’re equally as excited to share these updates with you. Below you’ll find a list of everything that went live as fixes or improvements to our platform. We’re always working to make things better for you to improve the overall experience and that will always be our mindset. We appreciate your patience as we work through issues and hope you can enjoy the fantastic updates made already and those that are coming in the future.

To view the patch notes from December, click here.

Patch Notes for January:


  • Sped up tournament results by more than 10x (instant results are coming soon!)
  • Increased the speed of tournament payouts by more than 5x
    • We will look to increase the speed at which users get paid out whenever possible and were able to increase this speed by 5x in January.
  • Optimized tournament scoring to allow for new tournament styles
    • We have several new tournament styles coming soon, so we updated the scoring to ensure the best results possible for our current and future games.
  • Improved match history process and speed
  • Updated the buttons and user interface for full tournaments
  • Updated messaging for tournament prize pools to be more clear

Bug Fixes

  • Optimized tournament entries
  • Fixed bot matches being recorded in some instances
  • Fix invalid CSRF token errors on logins – Improved login functionality
  • Optimized adding Game IDs and region control fixed
  • Login and verification process updated and changed for new users


  • Landing page redesign
    • We gave the home page ( a fresh, new look that you can expect to trickle to the other pages on the website, including a big change to the tournament pages.
  • Landing page design for mobile
    • Optimized the website to improve user experience for all mobile screens


  • Added credit card payment via direct link to PayPal CC
  • Optimized purchases and bugs fixed around deposits is an online video game tournament platform where users can earn cash or coin by competing in their favorite video games. Dota 2 and League of Legends are currently live, with Fortnite and others to come this year. Sign up now to begin competing!