Over the past several releases in the last two weeks, Repeat’s dev team has made many improvements, such as speeding up results for Fortnite.

Welcome to the Repeat.gg patch notes blog! We have made several updates and fixes to our website over the past two weeks as we continue to make improvements for our new Fortnite users and our existing Dota 2 community.

There are still outstanding items we’re working on, but the following is an update of everything that has gone live on the platform in the previous week. We always appreciate hearing feedback from the community, so feel free to always report bugs to [email protected]. Who knows, there might even be something in it for you if you do!


  • Fortnite scoring speed improvements
    • Results for Fortnite have been optimized to come in much faster to improve match batching. Results should be displayed after around 40 minutes.
  • Upload of user profile image
    • Gave users ability to upload a profile image that is now displayed when logged in.

Bug Fixes

  • Mobile fixes for the earn coins (rewards) page
  • Fixed coupons bug
  • Mobile fixes for the transaction page
  • Mobile fixes for the tournament details page
  • Mobile fixes for the inventory page
  • Some mobile fixes for the earn coins (rewards) page
  • Fix for “maximum callstack errors” which hung the page


  • Display of advertisements on the tournament list page on mobile
  • Onboarding step favourite game selection now downplays future games so they don’t look clickable (https://www.repeat.gg/onboarding)

There are some known issues the team is still working to fix. We will be sure to update you in our Discord when these issues are resolved and keep checking back on our blog for future patch notes.

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