Navigating who to use while playing Dota 2? These are hands down the best heroes in 7.33 based on their role.

Dota 2 is prone to massive, sweeping changes that completely changes how the game is played. Patch 7.33b overhauled the familiar map by expanding the playing field, changing the terrain, and adding new objectives to fight over. Alongside that is that a a big number of the cast has been moved to a new type called Universal hero, where they benefit equally from all stats.

There are many more changes that shakes up how players will interact with the game, and everyone is struggling right now on how to play and who to pick. Despite this experimental era, a few heroes have already rose to the top as the best heroes in 7.33. While everyone is still figuring out the meta, try to grab these heroes to get a headstart in Dota 2.

Crystal Maiden — Hard Support

Crystal Maiden is a support hero that provides excellent crowd control, mana regeneration, and nuking potential for her team. She has always been a consistently contested support, but the newest patch favors her strengths even more. Crystal Maiden is a lane bully and dominator who is able to easily secure first blood, especially with the help of the newest item, Blood Grenade. The Black King Bar nerfs is also a indirect buff to her abilities, letting her slow and immobilize without much of a challenge.

Additionally, you’ll earn more gold through kills and assist in the newest patch, and all Crystal Maiden needs is an ally and a target. When ganking isn’t going her way, she can secure jungle farm faster than other supports with her base abilities. She has always been a strong support and now she’s one of the best heroes in 7.33.

Alchemist — Hard Carry

Alchemist is a versatile hero that can play multiple roles in a team. But right now, he’s the one most contested picks as a carry due to the abundance of untapped gold in the map. Alchemist has the ability to farm gold more efficiently than any other hero using a combination of Acid Spray and Greevil’s Greed. Furthermore, the towering hero also has innate sustain with his ultimate, letting him flash farm the jungle with speed and safety.

Since Alchemist can farm faster, that means he could also join fights earlier than the opposing carry, making him an excellent pick for players who want to snowball early and dominate the game. Furthermore, a fed Alchemist can support his team through buying them Aghanim’s Scepter, a blessing to help his team keep-up with the gold accumulating machine. Alchemist is durable, brings a reliable stun, and a midgame beast, making him one of the best heroes in 7.33.

Void Spirit — Mid Lane

Out of all the new universal heroes, Void Spirit is the one taking full advantage of the change. The changes allow him to benefit from more items, letting him build Echo Sabre and Desolator to shred targets in a blink on an eye. Void Spirit’s ability to quickly initiate and deal burst damage makes him a formidable force in team fights. His mobility and crowd control abilities also make him difficult to catch or escape from, making him a great pick for players who enjoy playing aggressively. Additionally, his kit allows him to be versatile in his role, as he can play as a midlaner, offlaner, or even a roaming hero.

Void Spirit is slippery and benefits in this highly aggressive meta. The new right-click Void Spirit is incredibly scary to fight, and you can expect to see him dominate in most games.

Underlord — Offlane

Underlord is a tanky hero that excels at controlling the battlefield. His flash farming potential, excellent area denial, and versatile item path makes him one of the best heroes in 7.33. The new meta encourages constant ganks and teamfighting, and Underlord’s potential to carry all aura items benefits his team. Underlord doesn’t lose anytime rotating the map because Firestorm lets him clear creep waves and jungle camps effortlessly.

Underlord’s ultimate ability, Dark Rift, creates a two-way portal anywhere in the map. The enemy team is already at an crushing disadvantage because he can immediately respond to ganks (or call for backup) and wreck havoc with his abilities. Finally, Underlord is innately tanking, letting him run through the front lines with ease.

Bounty Hunter — Soft Support

A good Bounty Hunter is one of the best heroes in 7.33. He is a roaming hero that excels at disrupting the enemy team’s economy, provides unparalleled scouting through invisibility and Track, and can scale into a semi-carry when needed. Bounty Hunter is difficult to contested in this larger map, especially with less Sentry wards to go around. The enemy team is never safe because he could be prowling nearby, gathering valuable information for his team.

Bounty Hunter also received a significant buff to his invisibility, letting him stun enemies on-hit. Now Bounty Hunter is a dangerous assassin from early to late game, who can keep enemies Tracked while simultaneously making him team richer with every kill.