now has Fortnite Tournaments available in an open beta! Report bugs to earn prizes or be entered in a V-bucks giveaway.

We’re so close to Fortnite tournaments being fully operational on, and in preparation for that we have launched an open Beta with a chance for users to earn prizes and be entered in a massive giveaway for helping us find bugs or issues with the processes and functionality of these tournaments

We’re close to launching Fornite on Repeat and in preparation we are having an open beta with a chance for users to earn cash, prizes and enter a massive giveaway. Get paid to help us find bugs, so we can make our Fornite launch the best ever.

When Fortnite is launched it will have over $20,000 in prize pools in the first month alone, so we want to be absolutely sure everything runs smoothly. We know how much you have been asking for Fortnite, and we are doing our best to make sure it runs without a hitch.

How do Fortnite Tournaments Work?

Your first step to joining tournaments on is always to make sure your account is verified with the verification email that is sent to you upon registration. Similar to how our tournaments for other games have run in the past, all you need to then do for Fortnite tournaments is link your Epic Games ID to your account. One extra step you need to take is to make sure your Fortnite stats are made public, which you can find out how to do by following this link.

How Is The Scoring Done for Fortnite?

Scoring is refreshed automatically every hour on our website and will include every match you had played in the previous hour and take an average of your scores during that hour. However, if you click the Update results button after each match, you will receive a score for each of those matches separately.

This is due to the way Fortnite displays their data publicly. Depending on the tournament length, an average of your Top 3 or Top 10 scores will be averaged for your actual score. The number of scores averaged will always be displayed on the tournament page.

Our scoring will be similar to Fortnite’s current setup. 1 point for a kill, 10 points for a win, 5 points for Top 5 finish, and 2 points for a Top 25 finish. So if you played 3 matches and finish with a Top 25, a Top 5, and a win with 13 total kills, you will have earned 30 points with a per match score average of 10.

Your highest average scores will determine how you place in tournaments, so don’t worry about having bad games. You can only improve on your average score so make sure you keep grinding!

How Do I Report a Bug?

To that end, we will be asking for your help during this open beta. Anyone who reports a bug or issue with Fortnite tournaments or the website in general will be entered into a giveaway for 10,000 Fortnite V-Bucks! Report the bug in our Google Form here.

What Do I Get For Reporting A Bug?

If you are the first to report a bug that we had not yet been notified of yet, you will receive $10 in your account when Fortnite launches and be notified via email. If you report the bug and we verify it’s a problem, but it had already been reported, you are still entered into the giveaway. We will keep track of all users who have entered by updating this blog with usernames of those who have entered.

Join the $5k Launch Party Tournament

The beta will last for two weeks until the 15th of May and we will launch Fortnite tournaments in full not long after it closes. We are hosting a $5,000 Launch Party tournament that can only be entered by pre-registering at this link.

Users Entered Into The Giveaway

Check back here periodically to see users who have been entered in the giveaway