There’s a fine line between being effective and purposely being annoying, and these most toxic heroes in Dota 2 have surely crossed that threshold.

It’s no secret that Dota 2 is one of the most toxic communities in gaming. The game’s competitive nature and extensive matches can bring out the worst in players, especially when things don’t go their way, which often happens in pub games. Harassment, especially when attributed directly to players, is never okay, no matter how much MMR is at stake.

Another way that players can exhibit toxicity is through their hero choices. Some heroes in the game are an absolute nuisance to play against, with particularly annoying mechanics that forces the game to revolve around them. There’s a fine line between being effective and purposely being annoying, and these most toxic heroes in Dota 2 have surely crossed that threshold.

Outworld Devourer

Outworld Devourer gained infamy for his ability to literally take anyone out of the game for a few seconds. Astral Imprisonment banishes a target for up to four seconds, then steals a maximum of 22% of their maximum mana if it’s an enemy unit. If that’s not enough, both Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard upgrade the potency of the skill, with the former adding charges to the ability.

Astral Imprisonment is such a nuisance it enables Outworld Devourer to rush Meteor Hammer, an item that drops a meteor that stuns enemies after a delay. The niche and cheap pick-up has a significant value with OD. This combo is a one-way interaction where OD always comes out on top, letting him snowball the early game. He also scales extremely well, often deleting teams with one press of his ultimate.


Viper is a bully who doesn’t want you to play the game. Poison Attack is an attack modifier that stacks a slow and damage over time. That ability alone can push you out of lane so hard that it’s tempting just to leave it. It’s also punishing to trade with Viper since Nethertoxin damages anyone who attacks it.

Nethertoxin is an area-of-effect ability that breaks heroes, disabling their passives. So you can’t even pick durable heroes against Viper like Tidehunter and Bristleback, since it can disable their tankiness. Viper is a beast in pub games, making it one of the most toxic heroes in Dota 2.


Sniper has the longest attack range of all the heroes in Dota 2. He’s a menace from Herald to Immortal because he can take advantage of his superior positioning and whittle enemies from screens away. Sniper is one of the most toxic heroes in Dota 2 because he forces his enemies to communicate, something no pub player ever wants to do.


The omnipresent Tinker can join every single fight in the game, thanks to his ultimate. Rearm refreshes the cooldown of his abilities, and most items. Pair that with his ability, Keen Conveyance, and he has unparalleled mobility, letting him teleport to rain down Heat-Seeking missiles once you decide to show up on the map.

Despite that, it’s hard to get the jump on Tinker because of Laser and Defense Matrix, both wonderful defensive abilities that let him take a beating. Once Tinker buys items like Scythe of Vyse, it’s impossible to duel him since he’ll permanently disable you.

Arc Warden

Arc Warden can create a nearly perfect copy of himself, which includes his abilities and items. When an Arc Warden is in the game, expect him to single-handedly stall the game for an hour, exhausting every player in the lobby. Arc Warden players almost always buy a Hand of Midas, so you can expect them to be rich enough to last the next game.

Magnetic Field further pushes him as the most toxic hero in Dota 2, as the ability protects allies and buildings inside it. So, you can’t push against him while he’s effortlessly split-pushing against your team. Even if you kill his illusion, he can always summon another one as the cooldown is so low.