Warzone Tournaments on Repeat are so close to coming back! We have some exciting plans for the future we want to share with you.

We know you are itching to have Warzone tournaments back! We are doing everything we can to bring them back and we have great plans for the future to give you even more of a reason to play Warzone tournaments on Repeat.

What have we done with our tournaments

We’ve seen the community’s passion for Warzone 2 tournaments to be introduced on Repeat, we’ve been hard at work making sure we follow all community guidelines while in talks with Activision and and plan to have tournaments ready to come within the new year!

When Warzone 2 tournaments do come back, we do not plan to support Warzone Caldera as the community seems to have moved on.

With the pace of play in the current iteration of Warzone 2, we’ve added more points for kills and wins while also reducing the penalty for deaths. As future updates come out we of course plan to amend scoring to ensure competitive integrity.

What are we going to do with our tournaments

We have several exciting changes in mind for the Warzone 2 release, such as cross platform/ platform based tournaments, adding Warzone Mobile, and increasing daily, weekly and monthly tournament prize pools.

We are also looking at doing pro-am/grass-root live production tournaments in 2023 for Warzone 2 with creators and invited professionals.

Any updates within the game

Season 1 of Warzone 2 will end Wednesday, February 1, 2023. There are plans of a mid season drop around December 14th but we aren’t sure what is in store for it yet.

Acknowledging user issues

We know everyone is extremely excited for the return, just as we are, we thank you for your continued patience and support while we ensure we do this the proper way. We’re ready to do bigger and better things, stay tuned. 

Closing Statement/Quote from Game Admin

I am still committed to continually providing the best user experience I can. I feel the same passion many of you do for Warzone to return to Repeat and share that same love for the game. In the New Year we will be ready to provide the best tournament experience possible. Bigger tournaments, more money, live productions, the potential is limitless. I personally thank you for the love and passion you all show and we’re so excited to share what is in stor